Understanding sensor measurements - Amazon Monitron

Understanding sensor measurements

When a sensor is initially paired to an asset, Amazon Monitron will learn from the vibration and temperature data collected from the equipment, establishing a baseline to determine what is "normal" for that asset. It will use this learning to detect potential failures in the future. Depending on the situation, operational scenario, use case and various parameters like the asset’s duty cycle, Amazon Monitron will take between 14 and 21 days to establish this baseline. During this learning phase, the asset is assumed to be healthy and no alerts will be sent. After that time, Amazon Monitron continues to fine-tune the baseline, building a better picture of "normal" as the sensor collects more data.

After establishing a baseline for the asset, Amazon Monitron monitors the data it collects, looking for an event or trend that indicates a potential failure. It specifically watches for increases in temperature, or vibration levels, or both. Increases in temperature and vibrations are two of the main indicators of a malfunctioning machine. Machine abnormalities often indicate that an asset is starting to fail.

Amazon Monitron uses temperature and vibrations thresholds established by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) for your class of machinery. It applies the ISO thresholds in combination with its self-training model to assess actual thresholds to fit your equipment. For example, if your machine runs a little hot or a little cold, or if it vibrates a little bit more than standard, Amazon Monitron adjusts the thresholds slightly so that it can more accurately identify when the machine is acting abnormally.

If temperature or vibration levels inconsistently rise above the modified threshold, a failure might be possible, but is probably not imminent and Amazon Monitron sends a Warning notification. If the increase is consistently above the threshold, the conditions are clearly abnormal and a failure is much more likely. In this case, Amazon Monitron sends an Alarm notification to the mobile or web app.

a mobile app notification

a web app notification

In this example, the Position 1 sensor has detected a persistent increase in temperature and vibration, indicating that a potential failure needs to be investigated.

an anomaly reading in the mobile app

an anomaly reading in the web app