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What Is Amazon Monitron?

Welcome to the Amazon Monitron User Guide.

Amazon Monitron is a machine-learning based end-to-end condition monitoring system that detects potential failures within equipment, enabling you to implement a predictive maintenance program and reduce lost productivity from unplanned machine downtime. Amazon Monitron includes purpose-built sensors to capture vibration and temperature data, gateways to automatically transfer data to the AWS Cloud, and a mobile application for system set up, analytics, and notification when tracking equipment condition. Reliability managers can quickly deploy Amazon Monitron to track machine health of industrial equipment, such as such as bearings, motors, gearboxes, and pumps, without any development work or specialized training.

Amazon Monitron Devices

Amazon Monitron includes two types of devices: a sensor, for collecting data from your equipment, and a gateway, for sending that data to Amazon Monitron. You can purchase both from Amazon.com or Amazon Business. You mount the sensors directly on the machines (or assets) that you want to monitor. You can place up to 20 sensors on an asset.

An Amazon Monitron sensor

Each sensor collects data from the asset and sends it through the AWS Cloud to Amazon Monitron using a gateway that is mounted on the factory wall and plugged into a standard outlet. The Amazon Monitron Starter Kit, which is available at Amazon.com or Amazon Business, contains five sensors and one gateway. You can add more sensors and gateways as needed.

An Amazon Monitron gateway

Amazon Monitron Software

Except for some initial project set up, your team performs all monitoring tasks using the Amazon Monitron mobile app, which they install on their smartphones. Using this app, reliability managers in your factory can set up sites, manage users, add assets, and install sensors. Technicians can use the app to monitor the health of your equipment, and track and document potential failures.

The mobile app displays an icon for each asset, so you can see its condition at a glance.

Healthy: The machine is working normally.

Alarm: An alarm has been triggered for one of the positions of this asset, indicating that the machine vibration and temperature are out of the normal range at this position. We recommend that you investigate the issue at the earliest opportunity. An equipment failure might occur if the issue isn't addressed.

Acknowledged: Someone has acknowledged the alarm and is looking into the issue.

To find out more, you can drill down into the data.

Sensor reading of a healthy asset.

Sensor reading of an unhealthy asset.

As Amazon Monitron collects more data, it improves its machine learning (ML) model and learns to make more accurate estimates of potential machine abnormalities.

Benefits of Amazon Monitron

Amazon Monitron provides the following key benefits:

  • Works out of the box – Amazon Monitron sensors and gateways are pre-configured to work with Amazon Monitron software. Reliability managers can install these devices easily and quickly using the mobile app and can start monitoring equipment in just a matter of few hours. It's simple to set up and requires little or no development work, knowledge of ML, or integration.

  • Immediate notifications in the Amazon Monitron mobile app – Amazon Monitron sends users notifications in the mobile app when it detects abnormal machine patterns. Technicians can view, track, and provide feedback on these abnormal machine states in the Amazon Monitron mobile app.

  • ISO- and ML-based analytics – Amazon Monitron automatically detects abnormal machine operating states by analyzing vibration and temperature signals and comparing them to International Standards Organization (ISO 20816) standard thresholds and ML-enabled models.

  • Support for adding ML feedback in the app– Amazon Monitron offers simple workflows for technicians to enter feedback on the accuracy of the alerts in the mobile app. Amazon Monitron learns from that feedback and continually improves over time.

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Are You a First-time User of Amazon Monitron?

If you are a first-time user of Amazon Monitron, we recommend that you read the following in the listed order;

  1. How Amazon Monitron Works – This introduces basic Amazon Monitron concepts and options that you can use to create an end-to-end machine monitoring system that matches your needs.

  2. Amazon Monitron Getting Started Guide – In this guide, you learn how to set up Amazon Monitron and start monitoring your equipment quickly and easily.

  3. Understanding Sensor Measurements and Monitoring Machine Abnormalities –– This section provides an in-depth look at how Amazon Monitron shows you the condition of your equipment.