Managing assets and sensors - Amazon Monitron

Managing assets and sensors

In Amazon Monitron, the pieces of equipment on your factory floor are known as assets. Typically, assets are individual machines, but they can also be sections of a larger piece of equipment, part of an industrial process, or any element of your manufacturing model.

An asset is also the basis for viewing the health of your machines. To monitor machine activity, you pair one or more sensors to the asset that you want to monitor. Each sensor gives you insight into how that part of the asset is functioning, and together they provide an overview of the entire asset.

The following diagram shows one asset, an electric motor pump set. It has four positions, each with a sensor, two on the motor and two on the pump. Each sensor collects data on the temperature and vibration levels of that specific position on the pump. Amazon Monitron then analyzes that data by comparing it to the baseline temperature and vibration levels of that position to determine when a change, or abnormality, occurs. When that happens, it sends a notification on the Amazon Monitron app.

This section explains how to manage your assets with Amazon Monitron, and how to pair them to the sensors that monitor their health.