Deleting an Ethernet gateway - Amazon Monitron

Deleting an Ethernet gateway

Sensors need a gateway to relay their data to the AWS Cloud. Deleting a gateway might cause some sensors to lose their connection. Exercise caution before deleting a gateway.

When you delete a gateway, sensors switch their connection to another gateway that is within range, if there is one, and data transmission from the sensor continues uninterrupted. If no gateway is within range, data transmission is interrupted and the data might be lost.

To delete a gateway using the mobile app

  1. Using the mobile app, navigate to the Gateways page.

  2. Choose the vertical ellipses icon ( ) next to the gateway that you want to delete.

  3. Choose Delete Gateway.

  4. Choose Delete again.

To delete a gateway using the web app

  1. Navigate to the list of Wi-Fi gateways.

  2. Select the gateway from the table.

  3. Choose Delete gateway.