Choosing your platform - Amazon Monitron

Choosing your platform

There are two ways to use Amazon Monitron to view your assets' measurements and abnormalities. You can view them in the mobile app, or you can view them in the web app. Each way has its advantages.

With the mobile app, you use your phone's Bluetooth and Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities to install and configure gateways and sensors, as explained in Setting up and managing Wi-Fi gateways.

With the web app, you download your data to a CSV file. Also, your monitor is probably bigger than your phone, so the web app may be a better place to see measurements using line graphs.

You can activate both the mobile app and the web app by clicking on a link to your project. This is the link that the administrator sends to the user, as explained in Sending an email invitation. But you can re-generate this link from the Projects page by selecting a user and then choosing Email instructions, or by choosing Copy link under Project details.