Troubleshooting Ethernet gateway detection - Amazon Monitron

Troubleshooting Ethernet gateway detection

When you add a gateway to your project or site, as soon as you choose Add Gateway the Amazon Monitron mobile app starts scanning to find it. If the mobile app can't find an Ethernet gateway, try the following troubleshooting tips.

  • Make sure that the gateway is powered up. Check the small green light near the upper right corner of the gateway. If it's on, the gateway has power. If the gateway has no power, check the following:

    • Is the Ethernet cable firmly seated in the RJ-45 socket?

    • Is the router at the other end of the Ethernet cable functioning properly?

    • Is the Ethernet cable working? To test this, try using the cable with another gateway.

    • Is the RJ-45 socket clean? Be sure to also check the socket at the other end of the Ethernet cable.

  • Make sure the gateway is in configuration mode. The Amazon Monitron mobile app finds a new gateway only when it's in configuration mode. When you turn a gateway on, the Bluetooth and Network LED lights blink slowly, alternating orange and blue. When you press the Config button to enter commissioning mode, they blink rapidly, again alternating orange and blue.

  • If the LEDs show any sequence other than slow blinking before you press the button, the gateway might not go into configuration mode. In this case, reset the gateway by pressing the Reset button.

  • Make sure your smartphone's Bluetooth is working. The gateway connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, so it's a potential source of interruption. Check the following:

    • Is you smartphone's Bluetooth on and working? Try switching it off and on. If that doesn't help, restart your phone and check again.

    • Are you within your smartphone's Bluetooth range? Bluetooth range is relatively short, usually less than 10 meters, and its reliability can vary dramatically.

    • Is there anything that might be interfering electronically with the Bluetooth signal?

If none of these actions resolves the issue, try the following:

  • Log out of the mobile app and restart it.

  • Perform a factory reset of the gateway holding down Config and pressing Reset.