Welcome - Amazon CloudWatch Observability Access Manager


Use Amazon CloudWatch Observability Access Manager to create and manage links between source accounts and monitoring accounts by using CloudWatch cross-account observability. With CloudWatch cross-account observability, you can monitor and troubleshoot applications that span multiple accounts within a Region. Seamlessly search, visualize, and analyze your metrics, logs, traces, and Application Insights applications in any of the linked accounts without account boundaries.

Set up one or more AWS accounts as monitoring accounts and link them with multiple source accounts. A monitoring account is a central AWS account that can view and interact with observability data generated from source accounts. A source account is an individual AWS account that generates observability data for the resources that reside in it. Source accounts share their observability data with the monitoring account. The shared observability data can include metrics in Amazon CloudWatch, logs in Amazon CloudWatch Logs, traces in AWS X-Ray, and applications in Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights.

This document was last published on May 20, 2024.