Amazon Route 53
Developer Guide (API Version 2013-04-01)

Downloading a Domain Billing Report

If you manage multiple domains and you want to view charges by domain for a specified time period, you can download a domain billing report. This report includes all charges that apply to domain registration, including the following:

  • Registering a domain

  • Renewing registration for a domain

  • Transferring a domain to Amazon Route 53

  • Changing the owner of a domain (for some TLDs, this operation is free)

The billing report, in CSV format, includes the following values:

  • The AWS invoice ID that the charge appears on.


  • The name of the domain.

  • The charge for the operation in US dollars.

  • The date and time in ISO 8601 format, for example, 2016-03-03T19:20:25.177Z. For more information about ISO 8601 format, see the Wikipedia article ISO 8601.

To download a domain billing report

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Route 53 console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Registered Domains.

  3. Choose Domain billing report.

  4. Choose the date range for the report, and then choose Download domain report.

  5. Follow the prompts to open the report or to save it.

  6. If you encounter issues while downloading a domain billing report, you can contact AWS Support for free. For more information, see Contacting AWS Support About Domain Registration Issues.