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.it (Italy)

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Registration and renewal period

One year.


Open to the public, with some restrictions:

  • Individuals or organizations must have a registered address in the European Union.

  • If your country of origin is Italy, you must enter a fiscal code. If your country of origin is within the European Union, you must enter an identity document number (ID number).

  • If you specify Company, Association, or Public body for the contact type, a VAT number (a value-added tax identification number) is required.

  • Name servers for your domain must pass a DNS check. We suggest that you check the name servers at https://dns-check.nic.it/ before you submit the change request. If your domain name does not comply with the technical requirements (for example, it isn’t associated with an operational name server), and you do not correct it within 30 days, your domain name will be deleted by the registry. We don't issue refunds for domains that are deleted because they don't meet technical requirements.

Privacy protection

Not supported.

Domain locking to prevent unauthorized transfers

Not supported. We recommend that you prevent unauthorized transfers by restricting access to the RetrieveDomainAuthCode API action. (When you restrict access to this Route 53 API, you also restrict who can generate an authorization code using the Route 53 console, AWS SDKs, and other programmatic methods.) For more information, see Identity and access management in Amazon Route 53.

Internationalized domain names


Authorization code required for transfer to Route 53



Not supported.

Deadlines for renewing and restoring domains
  • Renewal is possible: Until the expiration date

  • Late renewal with Route 53 is possible: Until 13 days after expiration

  • Domain is deleted from Route 53: 14 days after expiration

  • Restoration with the registry is possible: Between 14 days and 44 days after expiration

  • Domain is deleted from the registry: Contact AWS Support.


The registrar for this TLD is our registrar associate, Gandi.