Getting started with AWS SCT - AWS Schema Conversion Tool

Getting started with AWS SCT

You can use the AWS Schema Conversion Tool (AWS SCT) to convert the schema for a source database. The source database can be a self-managed engine running on-premises or on an Amazon EC2 instance. You can convert your source schema to a schema for any supported database that is hosted by AWS. The AWS SCT application provides a project-based user interface.

Almost all work you do with AWS SCT starts with the following steps:

  1. Install AWS SCT. For more information, see Installing, verifying, and updating AWS SCT.

  2. Install an AWS SCT agent, if needed. AWS SCT agents are only required for certain migration scenarios, such as between heterogeneous sources and targets. For more information, see Using data extraction agents.

  3. Familiarize yourself with the user interface of AWS SCT. For more information, see Using the AWS SCT user interface.

  4. Create an AWS SCT project. Connect to your source and target databases. For more information about connecting to your source database, see Sources for AWS SCT.

  5. Create mapping rules. For more information about mapping rules, see Creating mapping rules in AWS SCT.

  6. Run and then review the Database Migration Assessment Report. For more information about the assessment report, see Creating and reviewing the database migration assessment report.

  7. Convert the source database schemas. There are several aspects of the conversion you need to keep in mind, such as what to do with items that don't convert, and how to map items that should be converted a particular way. For more information about converting a source schema, see Converting database schemas using AWS SCT.

    If you are converting a data warehouse schema, there are also aspects you need to consider before doing the conversion. For more information, see Converting data warehouse schemas to Amazon Redshift using AWS SCT.

  8. Applying the schema conversion to your target. For more information about applying a source schema conversion, see Applying the converted code.

  9. You can also use AWS SCT to convert SQL stored procedures and other application code. For more information, see Converting application SQL using AWS SCT

You can also use AWS SCT to migrate your data from a source database to an Amazon-managed database. For examples, see Using data extraction agents.