Deleting certificates managed by ACM - AWS Certificate Manager

Deleting certificates managed by ACM

You can use the ACM console or the AWS CLI to delete a certificate.

  • You cannot delete an ACM certificate that is being used by another AWS service. To delete a certificate that is in use, you must first remove the certificate association. This is done using the console or CLI for the associated service.

  • Deleting a certificate issued by a private certificate authority (CA) has no effect on the CA. You will continue to be charged for the CA until it is deleted. For more information, see Deleting Your Private CA in the AWS Private Certificate Authority User Guide.

To delete a certificate using the console
  1. Open the ACM console at

  2. In the list of certificates, select the check box for an ACM certificate, then choose Delete.


    Depending on how you have ordered the list, a certificate you are looking for might not be immediately visible. You can click the black triangle at right to change the ordering. You can also navigate through multiple pages of certificates using the page numbers at upper-right.

To delete a certificate using the AWS CLI

Use the delete-certificate command to delete a certificate, as shown in the following command:

$ aws acm delete-certificate --certificate-arn arn:aws:acm:Region:444455556666:certificate/certificate_ID