Renewing a certificate - AWS Certificate Manager

Renewing a certificate

The following example shows how to use the RenewCertificate function. The function renews a private certificate issued by a private certificate authority (CA) and exported with the ExportCertificate function. At this time, only exported private certificates can be renewed with this function. In order to renew your AWS Private CA certificates with ACM, you must first grant the ACM service principal permissions to do so. For more information, see Assigning Certificate Renewal Permissions to ACM.

package com.amazonaws.samples; import com.amazonaws.AmazonClientException; import com.amazonaws.auth.profile.ProfileCredentialsProvider; import com.amazonaws.auth.AWSStaticCredentialsProvider; import com.amazonaws.auth.AWSCredentials; import com.amazonaws.regions.Regions; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import; import java.nio.ByteBuffer; import java.nio.channels.FileChannel; public class RenewCertificate { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { // Retrieve your credentials from the C:\Users\name\.aws\credentials file in Windows // or the ~/.aws/credentials in Linux. AWSCredentials credentials = null; try { credentials = new ProfileCredentialsProvider().getCredentials(); } catch (Exception ex) { throw new AmazonClientException("Cannot load your credentials from file.", ex); } // Create a client. AWSCertificateManager client = AWSCertificateManagerClientBuilder.standard() .withRegion(Regions.your_region) .withCredentials(new AWSStaticCredentialsProvider(credentials)) .build(); // Create a request object and specify the ARN of the certificate to renew. RenewCertificateRequest req = new RenewCertificateRequest(); req.withCertificateArn("arn:aws:acm:region:account:" +"certificate/M12345678-1234-1234-1234-123456789012"); // Renew the certificate. RenewCertificateResult result = null; try { result = client.renewCertificate(req); } catch(InvalidArnException ex) { throw ex; } catch (ResourceNotFoundException ex) { throw ex; } catch (ValidationException ex) { throw ex; } // Display the result. System.out.println(result); } }