Tagging AWS Certificate Manager certificates - AWS Certificate Manager

Tagging AWS Certificate Manager certificates

A tag is a label that you can assign to an ACM certificate. Each tag consists of a key and a value. You can use the AWS Certificate Manager console, AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI), or ACM API to add, view, or remove tags for ACM certificates. You can choose which tags to display in the ACM console.

You can create custom tags that suit your needs. For example, you could tag multiple ACM certificates with an Environment = Prod or Environment = Beta tag to identify which environment each ACM certificate is intended for. The following list includes a few additional examples of other custom tags:

  • Admin = Alice

  • Purpose = Website

  • Protocol = TLS

  • Registrar = Route53

Other AWS resources also support tagging. You can, therefore, assign the same tag to different resources to indicate whether those resources are related. For example, you can assign a tag such as Website = example.com to the ACM certificate, the load balancer, and other resources used for your example.com website.