Supported plugins - Amazon MQ

Supported plugins

A plugin in Amazon MQ is a software module that adds a specific feature to a broker. Amazon MQ managed brokers support the following plugins:

  • authorizationPlugin: Allows you to control access at the granularity level of destinations or of individual messages.

  • discardingDLQBrokerPlugin: Provides fine-grained options to discard your dead-letter queue.

  • redeliveryPlugin: Enables you to replace the regular DLQ handling with re-delivery to the original destination following a delay period.

  • forcePersistencyModeBrokerPlugin: Allows you to force every incoming message to be persistent or non-persistent. This is useful if you've set up a broker usage policy to process only persistent or non-persistent messages.

  • statisticsBrokerPlugin: Enables you to retrieve statistics from the broker or its destinations.

  • timeStampingBrokerPlugin: Allows you to update a JMS Client's timestamp on a message with a broker timestamp. You can trust the timestamp set on your Amazon MQ brokers when client-side machine clocks are known to be incorrect.