Amazon DynamoDB
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-08-10)

In-Memory Acceleration with DAX (Preview)


DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) is a new caching service for DynamoDB, and is currently in preview.

Amazon DynamoDB is designed for scale and performance. In most cases, the DynamoDB response times can be measured in single-digit milliseconds. However, there are certain use cases that require response times in microseconds. For these use cases, DynamoDB Accelerator (DAX) delivers fast response times for accessing eventually consistent data.

DAX is a DynamoDB-compatible caching service that enables you to benefit from fast in-memory performance for demanding applications. DAX addresses three core scenarios:

  1. As an in-memory cache, DAX reduces the response times of eventually-consistent read workloads by an order of magnitude, from single-digit milliseconds to microseconds.

  2. DAX reduces operational and application complexity by providing a managed service that is API-compatible with Amazon DynamoDB, and thus requires only minimal functional changes to use with an existing application.

  3. For read-heavy or bursty workloads, DAX provides increased throughput and potential operational cost savings by reducing the need to over-provision read capacity units. This is especially beneficial for applications that require repeated reads for individual keys.

Accessing the DAX Preview

Access to DAX is by request only. To request access, fill out the request form at this link:

Documentation and Developer Resources

To view the DAX documentation, including getting started information and code samples, go to this link: