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Connecting Web Crawler to Amazon Q Business

An Amazon Q Business Web Crawler connector crawls and indexes either public facing websites or internal company websites that use HTTPS. With Amazon Q web crawler, you can create a generative AI web experience for your end users based on the website data you crawl using either the AWS Management Console or the CreateDataSource API.


Amazon Q Web Crawler supports only HTTPS enabled sites. It doesn't support HTTP or self-signed certificate enabled websites.

Amazon Q Web Crawler uses the Selenium web crawler package and a Chromium driver. Amazon Q automatically updates the version of Selenium and the Chromium driver using continuous integration (CI).


When selecting websites to index, you must adhere to the Amazon Acceptable Use Policy and all other Amazon terms. Remember that you must only use Amazon Q Web Crawler to index your own webpages, or webpages that you have authorization to index. To learn how to stop Amazon Q Web Crawler from indexing your websites, see Configuring a robots.txt file for Amazon Q Business Web Crawler.

If you receive an error when crawling a website, it could be that the website is blocked from crawling. To crawl internal websites, you can set up a web proxy. The web proxy must be public facing. You can also use authentication to access and crawl websites.


Amazon Q Web Crawler connector does not support AWS KMS encrypted Amazon S3 buckets. It supports only server-side encryption with Amazon S3 managed keys.

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