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Customizing an Amazon Q Business web experience

Creating an Amazon Q Business application environmentautomatically creates a web experience with a shareable URL. Before you share your web experience URL, you can choose to customize it.

You can customize a web experience by using either the AWS Management Console or the Amazon Q API. If you use the API, customizing your Amazon Q Business can involve a combination of the following API operations:

When you customize your web experience, you can personalize it by changing its title and subtitle adding a welcome message, and displaying sample prompts.


You can't run any chat queries from the web experience customize mode.

The following tabs provide a procedure for the AWS Management Console and code examples for the AWS CLI.


To customize an Amazon Q Business web experience

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amazon Q Business console.

  2. Complete the steps to create your Amazon Q Business application.

  3. Then, from the Amazon Q Business application page, select Customize web experience.

  4. In Customize web experience, from the right navigation pane, select Customize web experience.

  5. In Customize web experience, enter the following information for your web experience:

    • Title – A title for your web experience. End users see this title on their web experience page.

    • Subtitle - optional – A subtitle for your web experience to highlight other information for your end users. This subtitle is visible to your end users on their web experience page.

    • Welcome message – Provide an optional welcome message for your end users. We recommend mentioning data sources and application capabilities.

    • Display sample prompts – Provide a list of sample prompts on the end user's conversation start screen.

  6. Choose Save.


To create and customize a web experience

aws qbusiness create-web-experience \ --application-id application-id \ --role-arn roleArn \ --title optional-title \ --subtitle optional-subtitle \ --welcome-message optional-welcome-message \ --sample-prompts-control-mode ENABLED