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Plugins for Amazon Q Business

You can create and configure plugins for your Amazon Q Business application environment. Once configured, plugins can support read and write actions that can help you boost end user productivity.

Amazon Q Business supports two types of plugins: built-in plugins and custom plugins.

Built-in plugins are pre-built by Amazon Q Business for common use cases across Jira, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Zendesk. With built-in plugins, end users can perform specific tasks related to supported third-party services from within their web experience chat—such as creating a Jira ticket. For example, your end user might be an IT representative whose Amazon Q Business chat requires the follow-up action of opening an incident in ServiceNow. They can request that Amazon Q Business create an incident in ServiceNow on their behalf without leaving their chat.

With custom plugins, you can integrate Amazon Q Business with any third-party application environment of your choice. Once deployed, end users can then use the natural language interface provided by Amazon Q Business to query real-time data (available calendar slots, stock prices, vacation balance) and take actions (such as booking a meeting, submitting vacation).

Each Amazon Q Business application environment can have up to 3 enabled plugins. Configured plugins should address different use cases, which do not overlap. Once activated, you can choose to deactivate, reactivate, edit, and delete plugins at any time.