Prerequisites for Amazon Q Apps - Amazon Q Business

Prerequisites for Amazon Q Apps

Before using Amazon Q Apps, make sure that you do the following:

  • Finish the Amazon Q Business setup – Complete setting up Amazon Q Business and configuring an Amazon Q Business application environment. Configuring the application environment is necessary so that you can allow users to manage their own Amazon Q Apps. Also, include a retriever and, optionally, a data source connector.

  • Set up the identity provider – For web experience users to create and run their own Amazon Q Apps within a broader Amazon Q Business application environment, they must be granted access through AWS IAM Identity Center. These users interact with Amazon Q Apps through the deployed web experience. IAM Identity Center is the only acceptable SAML 2.0-compliant identity provider (IdP) for users who want to create and run their own Amazon Q Apps. For setup instructions, see Setting up Amazon Q Business with IAM Identity Center as identity provider.


    Starting July 1, 2024, Amazon Q Apps are available only to Amazon Q Business Pro users. Amazon Q Business Lite users will no longer be able to create, run, or view Q Apps. To ensure uninterrupted access, to Q Apps, Lite users must upgrade to Amazon Q Business Pro. Additionally, unpublished Q Apps created by Lite users who do not upgrade will be deleted after August 30, 2024. To upgrade to Amazon Q Business Pro, see Managing user subscriptions.

  • Create an IAM role – Configure an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) access role (permissions policy) for the deployed web experience for your broader application environment, including permissions for Amazon Q Apps. The admin can use the Amazon Q Business console to create the required IAM role for users as part of the configuration steps. To view and modify the required IAM access role with set permissions and optional permissions for web experience users to view and specify approved data sources with Amazon Q Apps, see the IAM role for web experience users.


    If you are using permissions for Amazon Q Apps created prior to July 10, 2024, you must update your role with the new Amazon Q Apps permissions for your users to have access to use the permissions to view and specify approved data sources and other future features in Q Apps.

  • Quotas (formerly known as limits) — There are set maximum quotas for Amazon Q Apps. For information about these quotas, see Quotas.