Salesforce Online connector overview - Amazon Q Business

Salesforce Online connector overview

The following table gives an overview of the Salesforce Online connector and its supported features.

Category Feature Support
Security Authentication type OAuth 2.0 with Resource Owner Password Flow
Authentication credentials
  • Salesforce authentication URL

  • Username Client secret

  • Password username

  • Security token

  • Consumer key

  • Consumer secret

Access Control List (ACL) crawling Yes. For more information, see ACL crawling.
Identity crawling Yes
Supported versions
  • API 30-56

  • Lightning, Classic

  • Sandbox

Crawl features Custom objects Yes
Custom metadata Yes
Entities Yes. The following entities are supported:
  • Account

  • Campaign

  • Partner

  • Pricebook

  • Case

  • Contact

  • Contract

  • Document

  • Group

  • Idea

  • Lead

  • Opportunity

  • Product

  • Profile

  • Solution

  • Task

  • User

  • Chatter

  • Knowledge Articles

Field mappings Yes. Supports both default and custom field mappings. For more information, see Field mappings.
Filters Yes. The following filters are supported:
  • Attachment filter for supported entities

  • Regex filters for entities

  • Inclusion and exclusion filters on file type for Documents

  • Inclusion and exclusion filters on File Name and File Type for Attachments

Sync mode Supports full and incremental sync.
File types Supports all files supported by Amazon Q.
Crawled as a document
  • Each account

  • Each contact

  • Each campaign

  • Each contract

  • Each case

  • Each partner

  • Each opportunity

  • Each group

  • Each lead

  • Each user

  • Each task

  • Each idea

  • Each profile

  • Each solution

  • Each chatter

  • Each document

  • Each custom entity

  • Each knowledge article