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Troubleshooting your Salesforce Online connector

The following table provides information about error codes you may see for the Salesforce Online connector and suggested troubleshooting actions.

Error code Error message Suggested resolution
SF-5001 Invalid HostURL. Provide valid HostURL.
SF-5002 Invalid userName or password. Provide valid userName or password.
SF-5003 Invalid clientSecret. Provide valid clientSecret.
SF-5004 Invalid clientId. Provide valid clientId.
SF-5005 Invalid grant type. Provide valid grant type.
SF-5006 Error while generating Access Token. Provide valid credentials or try again later.
SF-5100 Null/empty HostUrl. Provide HostUrl.
SF-5101 Null/empty client ID. Provide client ID.
SF-5102 Null/empty client secret Provide client secret.
SF-5103 Null/empty username. Provide username.
SF-5104 Null/empty password. Provide password.
SF-5150 Null/empty authentication URL. Provide authentication URL.
SF-5151 Invalid HostURL pattern. Provide valid HostURL pattern.
SF-5152 Invalid Authentication URL. Provide valid Authentication URL.
SF-5500 ContinuableInternalServerError. Try again later.