What is Amazon Q Developer? - Amazon Q Developer

What is Amazon Q Developer?


Powered by Amazon Bedrock: AWS implements automated abuse detection. Because Amazon Q Developer is built on Amazon Bedrock, users can take full advantage of the controls implemented in Amazon Bedrock to enforce safety, security, and the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI).

Amazon Q Developer is a generative artificial intelligence (AI) powered conversational assistant that can help you understand, build, extend, and operate AWS applications. You can ask questions about AWS architecture, your AWS resources, best practices, documentation, support, and more. Amazon Q is constantly updating its capabilities so your questions get the most contextually relevant and actionable answers.

When used in an integrated development environment (IDE), Amazon Q provides software development assistance. Amazon Q can chat about code, provide inline code completions, generate net new code, scan your code for security vulnerabilities, and make code upgrades and improvements, such as language updates, debugging, and optimizations.

Amazon Q is powered by Amazon Bedrock, a fully managed service that makes foundation models (FMs) available through an API. The model that powers Amazon Q has been augmented with high quality AWS content to get you more complete, actionable, and referenced answers to accelerate your building on AWS.


This is the documentation for Amazon Q Developer. If you are looking for documentation for Amazon Q Business, see the Amazon Q Business User Guide.

Key features of Amazon Q Developer

Amazon Q Developer includes the following capabilities:

  • Chat – Amazon Q answers natural language questions in English about AWS, including questions about AWS service selection, AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) usage, documentation, best practices, and your AWS resources. Amazon Q responds with information summaries or step-by-step instructions, and includes links to its information sources.

  • Conversation memory – Amazon Q uses the context of your conversation to inform future responses for the duration of your conversation.

  • Code improvements and advice – Within IDEs, Amazon Q can answer questions about software development, improve your code, and generate new code.

  • Code completion – As you write code, Amazon Q automatically generates suggestions, in real time, based on your existing code and comments.

  • Troubleshoot and support – Amazon Q can help you understand errors in the AWS Management Console and provides access to live AWS Support agents to address your AWS questions and issues.

For more information about these and other Amazon Q features, see Understanding Amazon Q Developer features.

Get started with Amazon Q Developer

To quickly get started using Amazon Q, you can access it in the following ways:

AWS apps and websites

Add the necessary permissions to your IAM identity, and then choose the Amazon Q icon to start chatting in the AWS Management Console, AWS Documentation website, AWS website, or AWS Console Mobile Application. For more information, see Using Amazon Q Developer on AWS apps and websites.


Download the Amazon Q extension and use your AWS Builder ID (no AWS account required) to sign in for free.

Download Amazon Q in Visual Studio Code

Download Amazon Q in JetBrains IDEs

Download Amazon Q in the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio

From the Amazon Q extension, choose Open Chat Panel to start chatting or initiate a development workflow. For more information, see Installing the Amazon Q Developer extension or plugin in your IDE.

Command line

Download Amazon Q for the macOS command line. For more information, see Using Amazon Q Developer on the command line.

AWS Chatbot for Microsoft Teams and Slack

Add the AmazonQFullAccess managed policy to your IAM identity and channel guardrails for Microsoft Teams or Slack channels configured with AWS Chatbot. For more information, see Chatting with Amazon Q Developer in AWS Chatbot.

Amazon Q Developer pricing

Amazon Q Developer is available through a Free Tier and the Amazon Q Developer Pro subscription. For more information, see Amazon Q Developer pricing.