AWS Flow Framework for Ruby

The AWS Flow Framework is a library for creating background jobs and multistep workflows using Amazon Simple Workflow (Amazon SWF).

Basic Usage

To create a simple background job, first implement your logic for processing the job. Each job can be implemented as a method in a class. For example:

class MyJobs
  def hello input
    "Hello #{input[:name]}!"

Next, use aws-flow-utils to generate a worker configuration:

aws-flow-utils -c local -n MyHelloWorldApp -a <your_ruby_file_name> -A <your_ruby_class_name>

Finally, start your workers with aws-flow-ruby:

aws-flow-ruby -f worker.json

That's it. You can now create background jobs using AWS::Flow.start and they will be executed on your workers:

require 'aws/decider'
AWS::Flow::start("MyJobs.hello", { name: "AWS Flow Framework" })


You can also get the result of the background job if desired.

future = AWS::Flow::start("MyJobs.hello", { name: "AWS Flow Framework" }, {result:true})
# wait till ready

Running Workers in Amazon EC2

You can deploy your workers on AWS Elastic Beanstalk with just a few additional steps. See our developer guide for a step-by-step walkthrough.



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