AWS General Reference
Reference guide (Version 1.0)

AWS Service Endpoints

To connect programmatically to an AWS service, you use an endpoint. An endpoint is the URL of the entry point for an AWS web service. For example, is the endpoint for the Amazon DynamoDB service in the US West (Oregon) Region. The AWS SDKs and the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) automatically use the default endpoint for each service in an AWS Region. But you can specify an alternate endpoint for your API requests.

To view the supported endpoints for an AWS service, go to Service Endpoints and Quotas, search for the service name, and click the link to go to the page for that service. To view the supported endpoints for all AWS services in the documentation without switching pages, view the information in the Service Endpoints and Quotas page in the PDF instead.

To see the supported AWS services in each Region (without endpoints) in a tabbed format, see the Region Table.

Regional Endpoints

Most Amazon Web Services offer a Regional endpoint that you can use to make your requests. If a service supports Regions, the resources in each Region are independent of similar resources in other Regions. For example, you can create an Amazon EC2 instance or an Amazon SQS queue in one Region. When you do, the instance or queue is independent of instances or queues in all other Regions.

Some services, such as IAM, do not support Regions. Thus, the endpoints for those services do not include a Region. Other services, such as Amazon EC2, support Regions but let you specify an endpoint that does not include a Region, such as When you use an endpoint with no Region, AWS routes the Amazon EC2 request to US East (N. Virginia) (us-east-1), which is the default Region for API calls.

To learn about enabling and disabling AWS Regions, see Managing AWS Regions.

FIPS Endpoints

Some AWS services offer FIPS endpoints in selected AWS Regions. Unlike standard AWS endpoints, FIPS endpoints use a TLS software library that complies with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) standards. These endpoints might be required by enterprises that interact with the United States government.

To use FIPS endpoints in your requests, use the procedure in your AWS SDK for specifying a custom endpoint. For example, when using the AWS Command Line Interface, use the endpoint-url parameter. The following example uses the FIPS endpoint in the US West (Oregon) Region to create an AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) customer master key.

aws kms create-key --endpoint-url

Learn More About Endpoints

You can find endpoint information from the following sources: