Tags - Amazon Simple Workflow Service


Amazon SWF supports tagging a workflow execution. This is especially useful when you have many resources. You can use cost allocation tags to organize your AWS bill to reflect your own cost structure. To do this, sign up to get your AWS account bill to include the tag keys and values. For more information, see Setting Up a Monthly Cost Allocation Report in the AWS Billing User Guide.

Amazon SWF supports tagging a workflow execution with up to five tags. Each tag is a free-form string and may be up to 256 characters in length. If you want to use tags, you must assign them when you start a workflow execution. You can't add tags to a workflow execution after it has been started, nor may you edit or remove tags that have been assigned to a workflow execution.

IAM supports controlling access to Amazon SWF domains based on tags. To control access based on tags, provide information about your tags in the condition element of an IAM policy.