Amazon Simple Workflow Service
Developer Guide (API Version 2012-01-25)

Registering an Amazon SWF Domain

Until at least one domain is registered, domain registration is the only functionality available from the console.

To register an Amazon SWF domain using the console

  1. If no domains have been registered, in the center of the main pane, choose Register a New Domain.

    If at least one domain is registered, in the dashboard view, choose the Manage Domains button, and then in the Manage Domains dialog box, choose Register New.

  2. In the Register Domain dialog box, enter a Name, Retention Period, and Description. These values correspond to the similarly-named parameters in the RegisterDomain action.

            Register Domain Dialog Box
  3. Choose Register.

  4. After the domain is registered, the console displays the Manage Domains dialog box.

            Manage Domains Dialog Box