What Is AWS Amplify Admin UI? - Amplify Admin UI

What Is AWS Amplify Admin UI?

Welcome to AWS Amplify Admin UI API Reference. This guide is provided for reference purposes, and we strongly recommend that you use the Amplify Admin UI to manage the backend your Amplify app. For more information, see Introduction in the Amplify Docs.

The Amplify Admin UI service provides a programmatic interface for configuring and managing app backends. The Amplify Admin UI offers an accessible way to develop app backends and manage app content. Every Amplify app has an admin UI that provides a visual interface for modeling data, adding authentication, authorization, and more.

All backend resources created in the Amplify Admin UI generate infrastructure as code and integrate with the Amplify CLI. Once your app is launched, use the Amplify Admin UI to update app content with rich text editing features and manage users and groups, without relying on your developers to push updates. The Amplify Admin UI is available for all your app environments and provide access to team members without an AWS account. Now developers and non-developers can access the data they need to develop and manage apps more efficiently.

Getting started with Amplify Admin UI

For more information on getting started with Amplify Admin UI, see Getting started in the Amplify Docs.