Pattern-based feature branch deployments - AWS Amplify Hosting

Pattern-based feature branch deployments

Pattern-based branch deployments allow you to automatically deploy branches that match a specific pattern to Amplify. Product teams using feature branch or GitFlow workflows for their releases, can now define patterns such as ‘release**’ to automatically deploy Git branches that begin with ‘release’ to a shareable URL. This blog post describes using this feature with different team workflows.

  1. Choose App settings > General > Edit.

  2. Flip the branch autodetection switch to Enabled.

  1. Define patterns for automatically deploying branches.

    • * – Deploys all branches in your repository.

    • release*’ – Deploys all branches that begin with the word ‘release.

    • release*/ – Deploys all branches that match a ‘release /’ pattern.

    • Specify multiple patterns in a comma-separated list. For example, release*, feature*.

  2. Set up automatic password protection for all branches that are automatically created by setting Branch autodetection - access control to Enabled.

  3. For applications built with an Amplify backend, you can choose to create a new environment or point all branches to an existing backend.

Pattern-based feature branch deployments for an app connected to a custom domain

You can use pattern-based feature branch deployments for an app connected to an Amazon Route 53 custom domain.