Set up automatic subdomains for an Amazon Route 53 custom domain - AWS Amplify Hosting

Set up automatic subdomains for an Amazon Route 53 custom domain

After an app is connected to a custom domain in Route 53, Amplify enables you to automatically create subdomains for newly connected branches. For example, if you connect your dev branch, Amplify can automatically create When you delete a branch, any associated subdomains are automatically deleted.

To set up automatic subdomain creation for newly connected branches
  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the Amplify console.

  2. Choose an app that is connected to a custom domain managed in Route 53.

  3. In the navigation pane, choose Hosting, and then choose Custom domains.

  4. On the Custom domains page, choose Domain configuration.

  5. In the Automatic subdomain creation section, turn on the feature.


This feature is available only for root domains, for example, The Amplify console doesn't display this check box if your domain is already a subdomain, such as

Web previews with subdomains

After you enable Automatic subdomain creation using the preceding instructions, your app’s pull request web previews will also be accessible with automatically created subdomains. When a pull request is closed, the associated branch and subdomain are automatically deleted. For more information on setting up web previews for pull requests, see Web previews for pull requests.