x-amazon-apigateway-api-key-source property - Amazon API Gateway

x-amazon-apigateway-api-key-source property

Specify the source to receive an API key to throttle API methods that require a key. This API-level property is a String type.

Specify the source of the API key for requests. Valid values are:

  • HEADER for receiving the API key from the X-API-Key header of a request.

  • AUTHORIZER for receiving the API key from the UsageIdentifierKey from a Lambda authorizer (formerly known as a custom authorizer).

x-amazon-apigateway-api-key-source example

The following example sets the X-API-Key header as the API key source.

OpenAPI 2.0
{ "swagger" : "2.0", "info" : { "title" : "Test1" }, "schemes" : [ "https" ], "basePath" : "/import", "x-amazon-apigateway-api-key-source" : "HEADER", . . . }