x-amazon-apigateway-auth object - Amazon API Gateway

x-amazon-apigateway-auth object

Defines an authorization type to be applied for authorization of method invocations in API Gateway.

Property name Type Description
type string Specifies the authorization type. Specify "NONE" for open access. Specify "AWS_IAM" to use IAM permissions. Values are case insensitive.

x-amazon-apigateway-auth example

The following example sets the authorization type for an API method.

OpenAPI 3.0.1
{ "openapi": "3.0.1", "info": { "title": "openapi3", "version": "1.0" }, "paths": { "/protected-by-iam": { "get": { "x-amazon-apigateway-auth": { "type": "AWS_IAM" } } } } }