x-amazon-apigateway-documentation object - Amazon API Gateway

x-amazon-apigateway-documentation object

Defines the documentation parts to be imported into API Gateway. This object is a JSON object containing an array of the DocumentationPart instances.

Property name Type Description
documentationParts Array

An array of the exported or imported DocumentationPart instances.

version String

The version identifier of the snapshot of the exported documentation parts.

x-amazon-apigateway-documentation example

The following example of the API Gateway extension to OpenAPI defines DocumentationParts instances to be imported to or exported from an API in API Gateway.

{ ... "x-amazon-apigateway-documentation": { "version": "1.0.3", "documentationParts": [ { "location": { "type": "API" }, "properties": { "description": "API description", "info": { "description": "API info description 4", "version": "API info version 3" } } }, { … // Another DocumentationPart instance } ] } }