x-amazon-apigateway-endpoint-configuration object - Amazon API Gateway

x-amazon-apigateway-endpoint-configuration object

Specifies details of the endpoint configuration for an API. This extension is an extended property of the OpenAPI Operation object. This object should be present in top-level vendor extensions for Swagger 2.0. For OpenAPI 3.0, it should be present under the vendor extensions of the Server object.

Property name Type Description
disableExecuteApiEndpoint Boolean

Specifies whether clients can invoke your API by using the default execute-api endpoint. By default, clients can invoke your API with the default https://{api_id}.execute-api.{region}.amazonaws.com endpoint. To require that clients use a custom domain name to invoke your API, specify true.

vpcEndpointIds An array of String

A list of VpcEndpoint identifiers against which to create RouteĀ 53 alias records for a REST API. It is only supported for REST APIs the PRIVATE endpoint type.

x-amazon-apigateway-endpoint-configuration examples

The following example associates specified VPC endpoints to the REST API.

"x-amazon-apigateway-endpoint-configuration": { "vpcEndpointIds": ["vpce-0212a4ababd5b8c3e", "vpce-01d622316a7df47f9"] }

The following example disables the default endpoint for an API.

"x-amazon-apigateway-endpoint-configuration": { "disableExecuteApiEndpoint": true }