Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

x-amazon-apigateway-integration.responseTemplates Object

Specifies mapping templates for a response payload of the specified MIME types.


Property Name Type Description
MIME type string

Specifies a mapping template to transform the integration response body to the method response body for a given MIME type. For information about creating a mapping template, see Mapping Templates. An example of the MIME type is application/json.

x-amazon-apigateway-integration.responseTemplate Example

The following example sets mapping templates for a request payload of the application/json and application/xml MIME types.

"responseTemplates" : { "application/json" : "#set ($root=$input.path('$')) { \"stage\": \"$\", \"user-id\": \"$root.key\" }", "application/xml" : "#set ($root=$input.path('$')) <stage>$</stage> " }