Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

Use wscat to Connect to a WebSocket API and Send Messages to It

The wscat utility is a convenient tool for testing a WebSocket API that you have created and deployed in API Gateway. You can install and use wscat as follows:

  1. Download wscat from

  2. Install it by running the following command:

    npm install -g wscat
  3. To connect to your API, run the wscat command as shown in the following example. Note that this example assumes that the Authorization setting is NONE.

    wscat -c wss://

    You'll need to replace aabbccddee with the actual API ID, which is displayed the API Gateway console or returned by the AWS CLI create-api command.

    In addition, if your API is in a region other than us-east-1, you'll need to substitute the correct region.

  4. To test your API, type a message such as the following while connected:


    where {jsonpath-expression} is a JSONPath expression and {route-key} is a route key for the API. For example:

    {"action":"action1"} {"message":"test response body"}

    For more information about JSONPath, see JSONPath or JSONPath for Java.

  5. To disconnect from your API, type ctrl-C.