Set up an edge-optimized API by importing OpenAPI definitions - Amazon API Gateway

Set up an edge-optimized API by importing OpenAPI definitions

You can set up an API in API Gateway by specifying OpenAPI definitions of appropriate API Gateway API entities and importing the OpenAPI definitions into API Gateway.

The following OpenAPI definitions describe the simple API, exposing only the GET / method integrated with an HTTP endpoint of the PetStore website in the backend, and returning a 200 OK response.

OpenAPI 2.0
{ "swagger": "2.0", "info": { "title": "Simple PetStore (OpenAPI)" }, "schemes": [ "https" ], "paths": { "/pets": { "get": { "responses": { "200": { "description": "200 response" } }, "x-amazon-apigateway-integration": { "responses": { "default": { "statusCode": "200" } }, "uri": "", "passthroughBehavior": "when_no_match", "httpMethod": "GET", "type": "http" } } }, "/pets/{petId}": { "get": { "parameters": [ { "name": "petId", "in": "path", "required": true, "type": "string" } ], "responses": { "200": { "description": "200 response" } }, "x-amazon-apigateway-integration": { "responses": { "default": { "statusCode": "200" } }, "requestParameters": { "": "method.request.path.petId" }, "uri": "{id}", "passthroughBehavior": "when_no_match", "httpMethod": "GET", "type": "http" } } } } }

The following procedure describes how to import these OpenAPI definitions into API Gateway using the API Gateway console.

To import the simple OpenAPI definitions using the API Gateway console
  1. Sign in to the API Gateway console.

  2. Choose Create API.

  3. Choose Import from OpenAPI.

  4. If you saved the preceding OpenAPI definitions in a file, choose Select OpenAPI File. You can also copy the OpenAPI definitions and paste them into the import text editor.

  5. Choose Import to finish importing the OpenAPI definitions.

To import the OpenAPI definitions using the AWS CLI, save the OpenAPI definitions into a file and then run the following command, assuming that you use the us-west-2 region and the absolute OpenAPI file path is file:///path/to/API_OpenAPI_template.json:

aws apigateway import-rest-api --body 'file:///path/to/API_OpenAPI_template.json' --region us-west-2