Import a Regional API into API Gateway - Amazon API Gateway

Import a Regional API into API Gateway

When importing an API, you can choose the regional endpoint configuration for the API. You can use the API Gateway console, the AWS CLI, or an AWS SDK.

When you export an API, the API endpoint configuration is not included in the exported API definitions.

For a tutorial on using the Import API feature from the API Gateway console, see Tutorial: Create a REST API by importing an example.

Import a regional API using the API Gateway console

To import an API of a regional endpoint using the API Gateway console, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the API Gateway console at

  2. Choose Create API.

  3. Under REST API, choose Import.

  4. Copy an API's OpenAPI definition and paste it into the code editor, or choose Choose file to load an OpenAPI file from a local drive.

  5. For API endpoint type, select Regional.

  6. Choose Create API to start importing the OpenAPI definitions.

Import a regional API using the AWS CLI

To import an API from an OpenAPI definition file using the AWS CLI, use the import-rest-api command:

aws apigateway import-rest-api \ --parameters endpointConfigurationTypes=REGIONAL \ --fail-on-warnings \ --body 'file://path/to/API_OpenAPI_template.json'