Amazon API Gateway
Developer Guide

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Set up API Gateway Private Integrations

The API Gateway private integration makes it simple to expose your HTTP/HTTPS resources behind an Amazon VPC for access by clients outside of the VPC. To extend access to your private VPC resources beyond the VPC boundaries, you can create an API with private integration for open access or controlled access. You can do this by using IAM permissions, a Lambda authorizer, or an Amazon Cognito user pool.

The private integration uses an API Gateway resource of VpcLink to encapsulate connections between API Gateway and targeted VPC resources. As an owner of a VPC resource, you are responsible for creating a network load balancer in your VPC and adding a VPC resource as a target of a network load balancer's listener. As an API developer, to set up an API with the private integration, you are responsible for creating a VpcLink targeting specified network load balancers and then treating the VpcLink as an effective integration endpoint.

With the API Gateway private integration, you can enable access to HTTP/HTTPS resources within a VPC without detailed knowledge of private network configurations or technology-specific appliances.