Step 5: Deploying a configuration - AWS AppConfig

Step 5: Deploying a configuration

Starting a deployment in AWS AppConfig calls the StartDeployment API action. This call includes the IDs of the AWS AppConfig application, the environment, the configuration profile, and (optionally) the configuration data version to deploy. The call also includes the ID of the deployment strategy to use, which determines how the configuration data is deployed.

AWS AppConfig monitors the distribution to all hosts and reports status. If a distribution fails, then AWS AppConfig rolls back the configuration.

Deploy a configuration

Use the following procedure to deploy an AWS AppConfig configuration by using the AWS Systems Manager console.

To deploy a configuration by using the console

  1. Open the AWS Systems Manager console at

  2. In the navigation pane, choose AWS AppConfig.

  3. On the Applications tab, choose an application, and then choose View details.

  4. On the Environments tab, choose an environment, and then choose View details.

  5. Choose Start deployment.

  6. For Configuration, choose a configuration from the list.

  7. Depending on the source of your configuration, use the Document version or Parameter version list to choose the version you want to deploy.

  8. For Deployment strategy, choose a strategy from the list.

  9. For Deployment description, enter a description.

  10. In the Tags section, enter a key and an optional value. You can specify a maximum of 50 tags for a resource.

  11. Choose Start deployment.