Application Discovery Service Agentless Collector - AWS Application Discovery Service

Application Discovery Service Agentless Collector

Application Discovery Service Agentless Collector (Agentless Collector) is an on-premises application that collects information through agentless methods about your on-premises environment, including server profile information (for example, OS, number of CPUs, amount of RAM), database metadata, and utilization metrics. You install the Agentless Collector as a virtual machine (VM) in your VMware vCenter Server environment using an Open Virtualization Archive (OVA) file.

Agentless Collector has a modular architecture, which allows for use of multiple agentless collection methods. Agentless Collector currently supports modules for data collection from VMware VMs and from database and analytics servers. Future modules will support network connection collection, collection from additional virtualization platforms, and operating system level collection.

Agentless Collector supports data collection for the AWS Application Discovery Service (Application Discovery Service), which helps you plan your migration to the AWS Cloud by collecting usage and configuration data about your on-premises servers and databases.

Application Discovery Service is integrated with AWS Migration Hub, which simplifies your migration tracking as it aggregates your migration status information into a single console. You can view the discovered servers, obtain Amazon EC2 recommendations, visualize network connections, group servers into applications, and then track the migration status of each application from the Migration Hub console in your home Region.

The Agentless Collector database and analytics data collection module is integrated with AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS). This integration helps plan your migration to the AWS Cloud. You can use the database and analytics data collection module to discover database and analytics servers in your environment and build an inventory of servers that you want to migrate to the AWS Cloud. This data collection module collects database metadata and actual utilization metrics of CPU, memory, and disk capacity. After you collect these metrics, you can use the AWS DMS console to generate target recommendations for your source databases.