SourceConfiguration - AWS App Runner


Describes the source deployed to an AWS App Runner service. It can be a code or an image repository.



Describes the resources that are needed to authenticate access to some source repositories.

Type: AuthenticationConfiguration object

Required: No


If true, continuous integration from the source repository is enabled for the App Runner service. Each repository change (including any source code commit or new image version) starts a deployment.

Default: App Runner sets to false for a source image that uses an ECR Public repository or an ECR repository that's in an AWS account other than the one that the service is in. App Runner sets to true in all other cases (which currently include a source code repository or a source image using a same-account ECR repository).

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The description of a source code repository.

You must provide either this member or ImageRepository (but not both).

Type: CodeRepository object

Required: No


The description of a source image repository.

You must provide either this member or CodeRepository (but not both).

Type: ImageRepository object

Required: No

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