Viewing App Runner service metrics reported to CloudWatch - AWS App Runner

Viewing App Runner service metrics reported to CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch monitors your Amazon Web Services (AWS) resources and the applications you run on AWS in real time. You can use CloudWatch to collect and track metrics, which are variables you can measure for your resources and applications. You can also use it to create alarms that watch metrics. When a certain threshold is reached, CloudWatch sends notifications, or automatically makes changes to the monitored resources. For more information, see Amazon CloudWatch User Guide.

AWS App Runner collects a variety of metrics that provide you with greater visibility into the usage, performance, and availability of your App Runner services. Some metrics track individual instances that run your web service, whereas others are at the overall service level. The following sections list App Runner metrics and show you how to view them in the App Runner console.

App Runner metrics

App Runner collects the following metrics relating to your service and publishes them to CloudWatch in the AWS/AppRunner namespace.

Instance level metrics are collected for each instance (scaling unit) individually.

What's measured? Metric Description

CPU utilization


The average CPU usage during one-minute periods.

Memory utilization


The average memory usage during one-minute periods.

Service level metrics are collected for the entire service.

What's measured? Metric Description

HTTP request count


The number of HTTP requests that the service received.

HTTP status counts




The number of HTTP requests that returned each response status, grouped by category (2XX, 4XX, 5XX).

HTTP request latency


The time, in milliseconds, that it took your web service to process HTTP requests.

Instance counts


The number of instances that are processing HTTP requests for your service.


If the ActiveInstances metric displays zero, it means that there are no requests for the service. It does not indicate that the number of instances for your service is zero.

Viewing App Runner metrics in the console

The App Runner console graphically displays the metrics that App Runner collects for your service and provides more ways to explore them.


At this time, the console displays only service metrics. To view instance metrics, use the CloudWatch console.

To view logs for your service

  1. Open the App Runner console, and in the Regions list, select your AWS Region.

  2. In the navigation pane, choose Services, and then choose your App Runner service.

    The console displays the service dashboard with a Service overview.

      App Runner service dashboard page showing Activity list
  3. On the service dashboard page, choose the Metrics tab.

    The console displays a set of metrics graphs.

            The Metrics tab on the App Runner service dashboard page
  4. Choose a duration (for example, 12h) to scope metrics graphs to the recent period of that duration.

  5. Choose Add to dashboard at the top of one of the graph sections, or use the menu on any graph, to add the relevant metrics to a dashboard in the CloudWatch console for further investigation.