Amazon AppStream 2.0
Administration Guide

Accessing AppStream 2.0 as a User

Users can access AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions by using either a web browser or the AppStream 2.0 client on a supported device.

Web Browser

Users can access AppStream 2.0 through an HTML5-capable web browser on a desktop computer such as a Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux computer. HTML5-capable web browsers that can be used include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 or later. No browser extensions or plugins are required to use a web browser for AppStream 2.0 sessions.

Users can also access AppStream 2.0 fleet streaming sessions through Chrome or Safari on an iPad (iOS 11 or later), Android (Android 8 or later), or Microsoft Surface Pro (Windows 10) tablet. AppStream 2.0 is not supported on devices that have screen resolutions smaller than 1024 x 768.

AppStream 2.0 Client

The AppStream 2.0 client is a native application that is designed for users who require additional functionality during their AppStream 2.0 streaming sessions. This client is suitable for users who:

  • Require support for multiple monitors

  • Use their USB devices with applications streamed through AppStream 2.0

  • Use keyboard shortcuts during their streaming sessions

  • Require seamless access to local drives and folders during their streaming sessions

For more information, see System Requirements and AppStream 2.0 Feature Support and Install and Configure the AppStream 2.0 Client.

Gesture and Keyboard Support

AppStream 2.0 supports gestures on touch-enabled iPads, Android tablets, and Windows devices. All touch events are passed through to the streaming session and handled according to Windows conventions. For more information, see Touchscreen Devices.