Allowed Domains - Amazon AppStream 2.0

Allowed Domains

For AppStream 2.0 users to access streaming instances, you must allow the following domain on the network from which users initiate access to the streaming instances.

  • Session Gateway: *

One or more of the following domains must be allowed to enable user authentication. You must allow the domains and subdomains that correspond to the Regions where AppStream 2.0 is deployed.

Region Domain
US East (N. Virginia) *
US East (Ohio) *
US West (Oregon) *
Asia Pacific (Mumbai) *
Asia Pacific (Seoul) *
Asia Pacific (Singapore) *
Asia Pacific (Sydney) *
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) *
Canada (Central) *
Europe (Frankfurt) *
Europe (London) *
Europe (Ireland) *
AWS GovCloud (US-East) *
AWS GovCloud (US-West) *
South America (São Paulo)



If your users use a network proxy to access streaming instances, disable any proxy caching for the user auth domains in the table and the session gateway, *

AWS publishes its current IP address ranges, including the ranges that the Session Gateway and CloudFront domains may resolve to, in JSON format. For information about how to download the .json file and view the current ranges, see AWS IP Address Ranges in the Amazon Web Services General Reference. Or, if you are using AWS Tools for Windows PowerShell, you can access the same information by using the Get-AWSPublicIpAddressRange cmdlet. For more information, see Querying the Public IP Address Ranges for AWS.

For AppStream 2.0 users that are accessing Elastic fleets, you must allow access to the domain for the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket that contains the application icon.


If your S3 bucket has a “.” character in the name, the domain used is https://s3.<AWS Region> If your S3 bucket does not have a “.” character in the name, the domain used is https://<bucket name>.s3.<AWS Region>