Instance Metadata for AppStream 2.0 Image Builders - Amazon AppStream 2.0

Instance Metadata for AppStream 2.0 Image Builders

AppStream 2.0 image builder instances have instance metadata available through Windows environment variables. You can use the following environment variables in your applications and scripts to modify your environment based on the image builder instance details.

Environment Variable Context Description
AppStream_Image_Arn Machine The ARN of the image that was used to create the streaming instance.
AppStream_Instance_Type Machine The instance type of the streaming instance. For example, stream.standard.medium.
AppStream_Resource_Type Machine The type of AppStream 2.0 resource. The value is either fleet or imagebuilder.
AppStream_Resource_Name Machine The name of the image builder.

On Linux image builders, environment variables are exported through the script at /etc/profile.d/ To access the environment variables, you can explicitly source this file in your application.