Designing a GraphQL API - AWS AppSync

Designing a GraphQL API

If you are building a GraphQL API, there are some concepts you need to know, such as schema design and how to connect to data sources.

In this section, you'll learn how to:

  1. Build a schema from scratch

  2. Automatically provision resources

  3. Manually define a data source

  4. Connect the data source to a GraphQL resolver

AWS AppSync allows users to further automate some of the configuration process by provisioning and building the necessary AWS components needed to use your GraphQL APIs. Some features include:

  • Providing a GraphQL schema creation wizard to quickly create GraphQL APIs and configure queries

    (For more information, see Guided Schema Wizard.)


    We recommend this options for first-time GraphQL or AWS AppSync users.

  • Automatically creating schemas and connecting to resolvers by importing existing Amazon DynamoDB tables

    (For more information, see Import from Amazon DynamoDB.)

  • Provisioning Amazon DynamoDB tables with or without a pre-existing GraphQL schema

    (For more information, see Provision from schema.)