What is AWS AppSync? - AWS AppSync

What is AWS AppSync?

AWS AppSync provides a robust, scalable GraphQL interface for application developers to combine data from multiple sources, including Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, and HTTP APIs.

Features of AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync includes a variety of features to make building GraphQL a streamlined experience:

  • Powerful GraphQL schema editing through the AWS AppSync console, including automatic GraphQL schema generation from DynamoDB

  • Support of JavaScript and TypeScript to write business logic that accesses your data sources

  • Efficient data caching

  • Integration with Amazon Cognito user pools for fine-grained access control at a per-field level

Are you a first-time AWS AppSync user?

We recommend that first-time AWS AppSync users begin by reading the following sections:

If you're building a web or mobile app from the ground up, consider using AWS Amplify. Amplify leverages AWS AppSync and other AWS services to help you build more robust, powerful web and mobile apps with less work.

Pricing for AWS AppSync

AWS AppSync is priced based on millions of requests and updates. Caching costs an additional fee. For more information, see AWS AppSync pricing.

The following lists the exceptions to general AWS AppSync pricing:

  • API caching in AWS AppSync is not eligible for the AWS Free Tier.

  • Requests are not charged for authorization and authentication failures.

  • Calls to methods that require API keys are not charged when API keys are missing or invalid.