AWS Artifact
User Guide

Downloading Reports in AWS Artifact

You can download reports from the AWS Artifact console. When you download a report from AWS Artifact, the report is generated specifically for you, and every report has a unique watermark. For this reason, you should share the reports only with those you trust. Don't email the reports as attachments, and don't share them online. To share a report, use a secure sharing service such as Amazon WorkDocs. Some reports require you to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) before you can download them.

To download a report, you must have the appropriate permissions. For more information about permissions, see Controlling Access.

To download a document

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the AWS Artifact console at

  2. On the AWS Artifact dashboard, choose Reports.

  3. Locate the report, and then choose Get this artifact.

  4. Read the Terms and conditions for the document. You might be asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) to download the document.


    The NDA is a legally binding contract. We recommend that you read it closely.

  5. After you have read the Terms and Conditions, select the check box at the bottom of the page and then choose Accept and download. AWS Artifact generates your file and opens it in another window.

  6. In the document window choose Save File or Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then choose OK. Your document is downloaded to the specified location on your computer or opened in Adobe Reader.

Getting Permissions For Additional Reports

When you sign up for AWS Artifact, your account is automatically granted permissions to download some reports. If you need to request access to another listed report, use the provided form to request access from AWS.