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Downloading reports in AWS Artifact

You can download reports from the AWS Artifact console. When you download a report from AWS Artifact, the report is generated specifically for you, and every report has a unique watermark. For this reason, you should share the reports only with those you trust. Don't email the reports as attachments, and don't share them online. To share a report, use a secure sharing service such as Amazon WorkDocs. Some reports require you to accept the Terms and conditions before you can download them.

Downloading a report

To download a report, you must have the required permissions. For more information, see Identity and access management in AWS Artifact.

When you sign up for AWS Artifact, your account is automatically granted permissions to download some reports. If you are having trouble accessing AWS Artifact, follow the guidance on AWS Artifact Service Authorization Reference page.

To download a report
  1. Open the AWS Artifact console at

  2. On the AWS Artifact home page, choose View reports.

  3. On the Reports page, use the AWS reports tab to access an AWS report and navigate to the Third-party reports tab to access the reports of the Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who sell their products on AWS Marketplace.

  4. (Optional) Enter a keyword in the search field to locate a report.

  5. Select a report, and then choose Download report.

  6. (Optional) On the Third-party reports tab, you can access the details page of an ISV report by clicking on the Report title to learn more about the report.

  7. You might be asked to accept Terms and conditions that apply to the specific report you are downloading. We recommend that you read them closely. When you are finished, select I have read and agree to all the terms and then choose Accept terms and download.

  8. Open the downloaded file using Adobe Acrobat Reader. Read the Terms and conditions section. When you are finished, follow the instructions to view the downloaded report.

Securing your documents

AWS Artifact documents are confidential and should be kept secure at all times. AWS Artifact uses the AWS shared responsibility model for its documents. This means that AWS is responsible for keeping documents secure while they are in the AWS Cloud, but you are responsible for keeping them secure after you download them. AWS Artifact might require you to accept the Terms and conditions before you can download documents. Each document download has a unique, traceable watermark.

You are only permitted to share documents marked as confidential within your company, with your regulators, and with your auditors. You aren't permitted to share these documents with your customers or on your website. We strongly recommend that you use a secure document sharing service, such as Amazon WorkDocs, to share documents with others. Do not send the documents through email or upload them to a site that is not secure.


If you cannot download a document or receive an error message, see Troubleshooting in the AWS Artifact FAQ.