Amazon Athena
User Guide

Working with Views in the Console

In the Athena console, you can:

  • Locate all views in the left pane, where tables are listed. Athena runs a SHOW VIEWS operation to present this list to you.

  • Filter views.

  • Preview a view, show its properties, edit it, or delete it.

To list the view actions in the console

A view shows up in the console only if you have already created it.

  1. In the Athena console, choose Views, choose a view, then expand it.

    The view displays, with the columns it contains, as shown in the following example:

                  The screenshot of an expanded view that shows columns.
  2. In the list of views, choose a view, and open the context (right-click) menu. The actions menu icon (⋮) is highlighted for the view that you chose, and the list of actions opens, as shown in the following example:

                  The screenshot of the context menu for views. It lets you preview, show
                     properties, edit, and delete a view.
  3. Choose an option. For example, Show properties shows the view name, the name of the database in which the table for the view is created in Athena, and the time stamp when it was created: