Troubleshooting control and control set issues - AWS Audit Manager

Troubleshooting control and control set issues

You can use the information on this page to resolve common issues with controls in Audit Manager.

I can’t see any controls or control sets in my assessment

In short, to view the controls for an assessment, you must be specified as an audit owner for that assessment. Moreover, you need the necessary IAM permissions to view and manage the related Audit Manager resources.

If you need access to the controls in an assessment, ask one of the audit owners for that assessment to specify you as audit owner. You can specify audit owners when you're creating or editing an assessment.

Make sure also that you have the necessary permissions to manage the assessment. We recommend that audit owners use the AWSAuditManagerAdministratorAccess policy. If you need help with IAM permissions, contact your administrator or AWS Support. For more information about how to attach a policy to an IAM identity, see Adding Permissions to a User and Adding and removing IAM identity permissions in the IAM User Guide.

I can’t upload manual evidence to a control

If you can't manually upload evidence to a control, it's likely because the control is in inactive status.

To upload manual evidence to a control, you must first change the control status to either Under review or Reviewed. For more information, see Update control status.


Each AWS account can only manually upload up to 100 evidence files to a control each day. Exceeding this daily quota causes any additional manual uploads to fail for that control. If you need to upload a large amount of manual evidence to a single control, upload your evidence in batches across several days.